Friday, March 19, 2010

Hmmm....maybe this is crap.

So, I waited a whole entire extra day to see if anyone wanted to improve themselves, but to no avail. Everyone else is just like me and doesn't want to matter or do yoga or listen to that cd.


Yippee! I hope you haven't been lurking here for the last 24 hours just waiting, waiting, waiting until I posted. yeah, probably not. Thanks Sara for taking my crap! Just send me your address and I will mail you the awesome possum softie toolbox set early next week.


For Today's Wonderful Giveaway

A handmade barely used Ring Sling

This sling was made by me using Slingrings and 100% cotton batik material.

As you can see it is pink with gold and gold rings.

I made quite a few slings and since I had a boy we used this one about a dozen times.
I have never had one of my slings fail on me. I stitch them very well with attention to the strength and integrity of the sling.
Really this isn't crap at all, but where I live very few people will know what a sling is and I would rather it go to someone who will love it.
So please takemycrap this week.
To enter the random drawing for this sling tell me what you would do for vacation this summer if you had $10,000 you had to spend on it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11th's Crap

Alright! I have now given away some of my crap! Today is a good day!

Here's some more to be mailed next thursday:
First we have a wonderful soft toolbox which the baby has outgrown

This is cloth toolbox with cloth tools-a saw, a screwdriver, a drill, two screws and to 'wooden' blocks. This is a cool set the drill vibrates, the blocks velcro together so you can cut them apart, the screws fit the screwdriver into the top and fit into the wooden blocks. This is Cool Crap! To enter tell me a handyman(or woman story). Like this....when my mom and dad were first married my dad was doing some work outside the house cutting vent holes above the foundation while my mom was at the sink doing dishes. Suddenly NO WATER! Oh, man, my dad had cut right through the pipe to the sink! AGHHHH! Let this not be a reflection on his abilities now. Now he can do anything around the house.

Next we have the self improvement pack:

Sorry the photo is sideways...I will fix it later! You get the picture....One bible, One Dr.Phil book entitled Self Matters, One Yoga book and One Norah Jones Cd (I don't really know if this will improve your life, but it might). To earn this pack just tell me you want it in the comments section.

Thanks Everyone for entering last weeks contest! Keep spreading the word and I will keep giving you crap!


Today is the first giveaway!

I absolutely enjoyed the jokes...thanks mamachrista! You win the media set!

And we had tough competition for the Potty Book and Diaper Set with a total of 3 competitors! Good Stories-Hmmm...funny smelling mud!

Here's my story-
Ds2, Puppy is his nickname, was just learning to use the potty. One day the older two kids and I were hanging out on the big bed and Puppy was walking around nakey. Well, he let out a huge ole Toooot. We all started busting up. Puppy then begins to look behind him for what happened. He must of kept looking for at least 5 minutes. We all lost it! He never did figure out what happened back there and eventually gave up looking.

I chose the winner randomly for the Potty Set and this is how:

Isn't that a cool orgami spinner my kids made? See the little dragonfly sticker-that's the pointer- DrewandEmily WON!

So MamaChrista and DrewandEmily send me a message with the address to send your new crap to! And thanks for TAKING MY CRAP IN 2010!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simple Passion

I am so pleased that I have followers already! I thought that this week I would be keeping the stuff I posted and.... I'm going to give it Away! Yippee! I'm so pleased to be added to some of your blogs as a favorite. Soon I will be adding some of my favorites here. This is great!

Today I was in the grocery store picking up a few things and passed by a man who always greets me. He doesn't work there. He's not creepy. He just looks me straight in the eye and says 'Hi'. Then he will look at whichever child I have with me and say "That's precious cargo. Take good care of it." He's right, of course, and I do my best. But I've been curious as to why he always says this until today. Today I overheard him telling the cashier that "We should all be passionate about life." Oh, I thought, I think I see now. This is how he is passionate about his love for children. I am impressed that in this simple action he takes shows his passion and passes it on. He works with what he has and is passionate about what he cares about. Simple actions matter. When he tells me to take care of my 'precious cargo' my kids are brought to the forefront of my mind, then I see them. I get less lost in what kind of bread in cheapest and more caught up in my kids. Hooray for him! Thanks Stranger Man.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Take It!

I have a LOT of stuff! We have a 3 car garage and 2 cars of it is crap we don't use! I have piles of books, knick knacks, baby stuff, kid stuff, cds, movies, computer stuff, mom stuff and stuff that I don't even know where it came from! I figure someone, somewhere can use some of my crap. You know one woman's trash is another woman's treasure type thing. So Please --- Take my Crap in 2010!

Here are the rules:

I will ship to you if you live in one of the 48 States that touches one of the other 48 States

You can enter for each item once

I will put up new items on Thursdays

All entries must be in by the following Wednesday at 3pm California Time

I will post the Winner of the Crap on the Thursday of the week following the week it was listed

My crap is not guaranteed, but I will not send you broken or misrepresented crap on purpose
Remember this is just stuff I don't need or use anymore

I will not take any crap back nor will I take any crap from you

OK....So here it is...drumroll pleaase!



I thought it would be appropriate to stick with the theme for my first giveaway

So here I have a set of three fabulous disposable huggies diapers sized 4 and a copy of Infant Potty Basics which I had no success using, but my little one potty trained himself at 18 months so now I have no need for either of these useful items.

If you would like this crap please tell me your most embarrassing, awful or just plain silly story about your kids bathroom habits


Next comes a selection from my private library of Cds and Movies:

Monster's Ball (totally freaked me out, but others think it's the cat's meow)

The English Patient Soundtrack

Ani DeFranco's 2 disc set AniRevelling and AniReconing

No, I will not split this set up and yes it is eclectic!

If you want to enter for the cd and dvd set please tell me a joke.

Okay then I will tell you who the Winner of the Crap is next Thursday!

And I will post more crap then.

Tune in tomorrow for some ramblings.