Friday, March 5, 2010

Take It!

I have a LOT of stuff! We have a 3 car garage and 2 cars of it is crap we don't use! I have piles of books, knick knacks, baby stuff, kid stuff, cds, movies, computer stuff, mom stuff and stuff that I don't even know where it came from! I figure someone, somewhere can use some of my crap. You know one woman's trash is another woman's treasure type thing. So Please --- Take my Crap in 2010!

Here are the rules:

I will ship to you if you live in one of the 48 States that touches one of the other 48 States

You can enter for each item once

I will put up new items on Thursdays

All entries must be in by the following Wednesday at 3pm California Time

I will post the Winner of the Crap on the Thursday of the week following the week it was listed

My crap is not guaranteed, but I will not send you broken or misrepresented crap on purpose
Remember this is just stuff I don't need or use anymore

I will not take any crap back nor will I take any crap from you

OK....So here it is...drumroll pleaase!



I thought it would be appropriate to stick with the theme for my first giveaway

So here I have a set of three fabulous disposable huggies diapers sized 4 and a copy of Infant Potty Basics which I had no success using, but my little one potty trained himself at 18 months so now I have no need for either of these useful items.

If you would like this crap please tell me your most embarrassing, awful or just plain silly story about your kids bathroom habits


Next comes a selection from my private library of Cds and Movies:

Monster's Ball (totally freaked me out, but others think it's the cat's meow)

The English Patient Soundtrack

Ani DeFranco's 2 disc set AniRevelling and AniReconing

No, I will not split this set up and yes it is eclectic!

If you want to enter for the cd and dvd set please tell me a joke.

Okay then I will tell you who the Winner of the Crap is next Thursday!

And I will post more crap then.

Tune in tomorrow for some ramblings.


  1. I wouldn't mind that CD and DVD st you have there. Here's my joke:

    A frog goes into a bank and hops up to a teller. He can see from her name plate that she is called Patricia Whack,
    so he says "Ms. Whack, I'd like to borrow $30,000, please."
    The teller asks for his name and the frog replies that he is Kermit Jagger, son of Mick Jagger, and a personal friend of the bank manager. Unconvinced, Ms. Whack explains she will need some identity and also some security against his loan. The frog produces a tiny pink porcelain elephant and hands it to her.
    The confused teller says she will have to consult with her manager. 'There's a frog called Kermit Jagger at the counter who wants to borrow $30,000," she tells her boss. "And what do you think this elephant is about?"
    The manager looks back at her and says "It's a knick-knack, Patti Whack, give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone.'

  2. This is the coolest idea :) I don't need either of these things this week but I will definitely be checking in each week for what you post next!

  3. Wow! I have followers! I am so excited! Thanks for joining my crap extraction! OH, I mean giveaway.
    I totally LAUGHED at the Kermit joke. I wish I could remember jokes so that I could tell this one to my dad.
    Sara, maybe someone you know could use this stuff...c'mon think HARD....

  4. I think this is such a neat idea:) I put your blog as a link on my blog under my favorite, granted, I only have 12 whole followers but still, very exciting! :)

  5. Ok, so I'm in Aus and have no need for more crap, but I like your idea, so I'm following too.

  6. Me three...I am in too. Sara talked about this on her blog and I thought it was a great idea. I will try to promote you too!! This seems like a fun idea. No need for either of the "crap" giveaways tho. I have 3 fully potty trained kids and we already own monsters ball. (it is weird, LOL)

    I am Karsyn

  7. I could definately use the potty training book. I have two stories.

    1. The other night my husband took our oldest to go pee pee in the potty. As our son was pulling up his underpants, my husband was shutting the toilet. Our son turned to his Daddy with concern on his face and said "Daddy watch out don't hit my p3nis"

    2. As the same son was standing to pee in the potty, he tooted (which he finds hilarious). Not only did he toot, he pooped so it went down the back of his leg and got on his potty stool. He looked up at me and said "where that poop come from?"

  8. Oh my gosh Drew and Emily, my daughter isn't potty training yet (shes 16 months old) but we came in the house the other day and I put her in her highchair to eat right away and as I was in the kitchen I stepped on something squishy. It looked like mud and I was trying to figure out what the heck it was. So I picked it up and (sweet Lord) SMELLED IT...

    Oh yes, it was poop. EW!! It had slid down her leg onto the floor. I just about passed out lol.

    I'm not telilng a potty training story for the diapers, just a story about poop going down a leg lol

  9. this is a great idea for a blog! I have a couple stories to tell about my darling daughter and potty time, and I'd love to have the diaper package.

    1. DD wears cloth diapers most of the time. They are velcro, and little did I know that dd could now unfasten them. So she's toddling around the house one day while I'm on the sofa. She comes up to me and starts to "concentrate" so I know she's doing number 2. I look down and she's doing it on our brand new rug!! I wanted to die right there! Then she proceeds to try to pick it up!

    2. We have a baby gate over our bathroom doorway so she can't go in and get to the kitty litter box. I was bathing her, supervised of course, and when she was done I set her down on the outside of the gate so I could grab her clothes and walk over it. Apparently swimming gives her that full bladder feeling because she lifted leg and peed all over the rug.