Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11th's Crap

Alright! I have now given away some of my crap! Today is a good day!

Here's some more to be mailed next thursday:
First we have a wonderful soft toolbox which the baby has outgrown

This is cloth toolbox with cloth tools-a saw, a screwdriver, a drill, two screws and to 'wooden' blocks. This is a cool set the drill vibrates, the blocks velcro together so you can cut them apart, the screws fit the screwdriver into the top and fit into the wooden blocks. This is Cool Crap! To enter tell me a handyman(or woman story). Like this....when my mom and dad were first married my dad was doing some work outside the house cutting vent holes above the foundation while my mom was at the sink doing dishes. Suddenly NO WATER! Oh, man, my dad had cut right through the pipe to the sink! AGHHHH! Let this not be a reflection on his abilities now. Now he can do anything around the house.

Next we have the self improvement pack:

Sorry the photo is sideways...I will fix it later! You get the picture....One bible, One Dr.Phil book entitled Self Matters, One Yoga book and One Norah Jones Cd (I don't really know if this will improve your life, but it might). To earn this pack just tell me you want it in the comments section.

Thanks Everyone for entering last weeks contest! Keep spreading the word and I will keep giving you crap!


  1. I'd LOVE the play tool box for my son, he's really into 'helping' daddy right now :) My best handy woman story was years ago we had our 20lb Flemish Giant Rabbit living temporarily in our bathroom (whole 'nother story LOL!). I went into the bathroom and it was totally flooded-she had chewed through the toilet water line! I ran down into our basement and turned the water off, saving our poor wet rabbit :) We had to replace the line with a metal one!

  2. That is a very cute tool set, my boy would love it, but I know you don't post o'seas which is ok. But you have inspired me to (try) make him a cloth saw which is his favourite tool, that is the sweetest thing!