Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today is the first giveaway!

I absolutely enjoyed the jokes...thanks mamachrista! You win the media set!

And we had tough competition for the Potty Book and Diaper Set with a total of 3 competitors! Good Stories-Hmmm...funny smelling mud!

Here's my story-
Ds2, Puppy is his nickname, was just learning to use the potty. One day the older two kids and I were hanging out on the big bed and Puppy was walking around nakey. Well, he let out a huge ole Toooot. We all started busting up. Puppy then begins to look behind him for what happened. He must of kept looking for at least 5 minutes. We all lost it! He never did figure out what happened back there and eventually gave up looking.

I chose the winner randomly for the Potty Set and this is how:

Isn't that a cool orgami spinner my kids made? See the little dragonfly sticker-that's the pointer- DrewandEmily WON!

So MamaChrista and DrewandEmily send me a message with the address to send your new crap to! And thanks for TAKING MY CRAP IN 2010!


  1. Can't wait to see what's next :)

  2. this is really fun, and I enjoyed getting a spin on the wheel!

  3. okay mama, I don't know how to send you a message LOL...